A kiwi adventure

My husband and I got married quite some time ago. We share tender love for J.R.R.Tolkien's books and Peter Jackson's movie adaptation of the Lord of the Rings. Of course we hearted New Zealand as our dream honeymoon location. It was a very special one dream for two. But because we were moving so often... Continue Reading →

Birthday weekend in Paris

The older I get, the more I tend to prefer experience and memories over material presents for my birthday. This year I dragged my husband into the trip to Paris for the birthday weekend. Ernest Hemingway is one of my favourite authors, and of course I am mesmerized by his Parisian memories in "The movable... Continue Reading →

Sardinia holiday blues

Every summer we try to take a vacation. We have three simple rules in picking our destination: it has to be somewhere sunny and warm, with nice beaches and the local food has to be inspiring. This year we couldn't pick out of three options and ended up going to the place where we've been... Continue Reading →

Texel: the Dutch Moomin island

Frankly speaking I've read my first Moomin book when I was all grown-up, at around 22. I am happy it didn't happen earlier as it came into my life at the right time, when I felt utterly lonely and deeply miserable. Getting lost in the cozy and kind world where simple life was treasured and... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam Confession

Sometimes I feel like a spoilt child. I work in the very heart of Amsterdam in a beautiful old building facing the canal. Every time I tell someone about it, I catch a glimpse of  astonishment and even admiration in their eyes. I heard so many times how lucky I am, as so many people... Continue Reading →

A book corner: First steps

We have always been a couple of bookworms. Each in their own genre. Both our parents had big libraries and this is something that was on our minds and in our plans as well. As we were travelling a lot and moving from country to country, we couldn't afford a collection of paperback or hardcover... Continue Reading →

Basque country

For a pupil in my home country summer means freedom for almost three months. Even though I can barely recall my last school vacation, every June I get this exciting feeling of anticipation, as if something magical is about to happen. We usually plan our trip to the seaside for the very end of August.... Continue Reading →

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