Birthday weekend in Paris

The older I get, the more I tend to prefer experience and memories over material presents for my birthday. This year I dragged my husband into the trip to Paris for the birthday weekend. Ernest Hemingway is one of my favourite authors, and of course I am mesmerized by his Parisian memories in "The movable... Continue Reading →

Market shopping

I love shopping. But as I am getting older and my size stays the same, my preferences in this field tend towards online stores. However, when it comes to groceries, homeware and books I prefer physical shops. That's why almost every Saturday, not without some irritated remarks from my husband, we head to the local... Continue Reading →

Heatwave in Utrecht

The heatwave covered the country and it starts to feel like summer in my homeland with very high temperatures, dry grass and hot wind. I don’t mind the heat at all, however, when you need to work in the office without air conditioning or take a train, it’s no longer fun. If you survive through... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam Confession

Sometimes I feel like a spoilt child. I work in the very heart of Amsterdam in a beautiful old building facing the canal. Every time I tell someone about it, I catch a glimpse of  astonishment and even admiration in their eyes. I heard so many times how lucky I am, as so many people... Continue Reading →

Basque country

For a pupil in my home country summer means freedom for almost three months. Even though I can barely recall my last school vacation, every June I get this exciting feeling of anticipation, as if something magical is about to happen. We usually plan our trip to the seaside for the very end of August.... Continue Reading →

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